College & Career Readiness

Every student deserves to graduate from high school ready for post-secondary education or direct career entry. After all, what is the point of K-12 education, but to broaden students' minds and prepare them for a viable career that positively contributes to society? Given that most skilled jobs today require college, vo-tech, apprenticeship or certification, it is more important than ever that students receive adequate college and career readiness preparation.

Our flagship product is the Follow Us College & Career Readiness Workshop. The curriculum is specifically geared to a diverse, urban/urban-rim student population, and can be customized for each school or organization's core objective. We have a specialized curriculum for IEP students (both self-contained and ICT), as well as ELL capability in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Haitian Creole, Uzbek, Portuguese, Arabic, and Urdu.

College Readiness Workshops are grade-specific and can be administered to a single classroom or assembly-style to the entire grade. Workshops are conducted by an Ivy League Instructor, and are highly interactive, utilizing case studies, skits, lecture and student exercises.

Workshop topics are highly varied, including the following: 

  • Find Your Passion to Find Your Career
    • Pivot Your Potential (Case Study-style exercises)
    • SWOT Analysis Exercise
  • Choose a College Based on Career Goals
    • Career Goals Exercise
    • Interview a College Exercise
    • College Life 101
  • Top Careers Across the Education Spectrum
    • Best-Paying Careers with an Associates Degree or Less
    • Career Trajectory for a Bachelors Degree 
    • Jobs That Require a Graduate Degree