Formal Mentorship & Counseling

The United States of America is home to the greatest, grandest cities in the world, boasting skyscrapers, movie stars and big business. However, in the shadows of such grandeur, lies gritty neighborhoods where school-age students face daily hurdles and personal struggles. Intense negative peer pressure, difficult home lives and other derailing influences can cause teenagers to lash out and choose a less-than-optimal path. We help tackle teenage issues and encourage the more-optimal path through a formal mentorship/counseling program:

  • One-on-One Mentoring with a Follow Us Mentor
    • Mentors are paired based on a number of factors, such as career goal, interests, gender, etc.
  • Small Group Mentoring with a Follow Us Mentor 
    • Mentors meet with small groups of students (no more than 5)

Our Mentors help students better understand emotional issues, career development concerns, how to contribute to a positive school environment and many other areas. Follow Us Mentors come from many walks of life - while some mentors are Ivy League educated licensed social workers, therapists and psychologists, others are former high school dropouts who have since turned their lives around. We will help you determine which mentors best fit your students' mentorship needs. All mentors receive background checks and security clearance.