Follow Us Pivot Your Potential™: Internship Recruiting

What does an employer want in an employee? If this is too abstract, then think of it this way - if you were to hire someone, say, a tutor, what would you want?

  1. Someone who is dependable and responsible, able to learn quickly on the job and adapt to new tasks
  2. Someone who is well-adjusted and contributes to the work environment
  3. Someone who can apply their education and experiences from college to 'real life'
  4. Someone who will work hard and (we hate to say this) put in the facetime in the beginning

As a prospective employee, your entire job application should focus on why you fit into these categories. For an internship or first job out of college, it is less about what you have done and more about what you can do. If this sounds familiar and you are thinking back to your college application days, you are absolutely correct. The path and process of finding a job is highly similar to getting into college – except now, you no longer have to write any essays! What you do need more of, is the ability to handle interpersonal relationships. It is not just about the interview, but following up with your employer, accepting an offer or gracefully turning one down. Once you are in the job, , it is all about learning how to turn that internship into a full-time career and succeed in your first job. 

So how do you show your potential? The Follow Us Pivot Your Potential™ Series will guide you. 

  1. Know your Potential: This does not mean we expect you to know exactly what type of career you want for the rest of your life when you are 19 years old. People change and career preferences change – but what does not change is understanding what you truly want from the internship: experience, contacts and real skills. 
  2. Work hard at your potential: We don't need to tell you the importance of hard work, but we do need to tell you that recruiting requires it. 
  3. Flaunt your Potential: Now you get to show employers what you bring to the table. This is a fluid, continuous aspect that starts with the resume and cover letter, moves on to the interview, continues on to the job offer and concludes with the salary and compensation package negotiation.  

Each step along the way, your objective is to flaunt your potential: maximize your abilities, truly sell your selling-points and get the best job for you with the highest-possible pay package and optimal work culture. Questions? Check out the Follow Us Internship Guides!