College & Early Career Have a Lasting Impact on Life


Getting into a great college and starting a dream career are two of the most exciting and critically important first steps in adult life. According to psychologist and TED talk lecturer Meg Jay, author of The Defining Decade, 70% of one's lifetime earnings growth can be determined in just the first 10 years of one's career. When post-college unemployment edges near 20% and underemployment is estimated at over 50%, it is more important than ever to make the most of these critical years and begin preparing early to get into that great college, study a useful major and attain meaningful internship work experience. But how, exactly, can you do all that?

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You may talk to family and friends, read various websites and follow certain blogs - but these sources all provide different – and often contradictory – advice, with nothing fully customized to your particular wants, dreams and concerns. We understand the frustration. That is why Follow Us is here to show you exactly how to best Pivot YOUR Potential.